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Instructor-Led Software Training

All of our services can be delivered remotely using Zoom, Webex, or Teams.

Instructor-Led Software Training

We provide Instructor-Led Training on the most widely used software applications.  Our instructors bring more than just years of training experience to the table, they bring real-life experience and are committed to teaching and sharing their knowledge.  

The length of each class is determined by our clients with options that include half-day, full-day, or multiple 60-90 minute workshops which can be scheduled for a full or half-day in length.  Classes can be scheduled for any time of day or evening to accommodate all shifts and schedules.  

The number of students per class is determined by the client.  However, we suggest a class size of 10 or less  as this allows for closer attention to individual needs and interaction.  If low enrollment becomes an obstacle in scheduling needed training, consider our Virtual Classroom options.

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